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Over the past 20 years, Miami Curtain Wall Consultants Corp. (MCWC) has had a profound impact on the construction industry; providing clients with exterior wall, technical glazing, and waterproofing support.

Miami Curtain Wall Consultants Corp. (MCWC) is Full service Architectural and Engineering firm that prides itself as a leader in transparency and efficiency. The principals and partners at Miami Curtain Wall Consultants Corp (MCWC) are all endowed with two critical attributes which enable them to serve their clients: an eagle eye and a wealth of building knowledge and experience. Our job is to ensure that a project’s architectural skin is complete and will perform as expected in regards to water penetration, wind damage, and structural integrity.

Who We Are

MCWC is qualified to provide you with the necessary information to choose the different systems that will best weather against the elements and meet your budget during project programming and the schematic design phase by working with the Project Architect.

We identify and resolve performance issues (i.e., Air Infiltration, Water Penetration, Structural and Thermal criteria) early by reviewing Construction Documents, and Shop Drawings of the Architectural Skin. We review and witness full-scale mock-up and perform site testing for Air and Water performance criteria.


Our primary mission is to provide the technical glazing and waterproofing support required for owners, developers, and contractors in the construction industry to avoid structural and water infiltration deficiencies.

MCWC specializes in detecting and resolving issues pertaining specifically with structural defects and water infiltration in new and existing buildings. We recommend glazing and waterproofing solutions that are consistent with the design intent of the projects we are involved with.

Our Role

Our role is then to ensure that our clients receive the expected performance from the exterior envelope of the building by performing quality control inspections in the field and shop during construction of the exterior components of the project.

We are proactive in our approach to identifying potential problems that may occur before and after completion. We perform progress and final exterior wall inspections and follow up inspections to make sure work is completed properly.


John R. Medina

John R. Medina


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Maria Moral
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